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K.O. Healing provides the tools and guidance you need, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey. In 2013, one crystal became the catalyst for this amazing journey. Soon that crystal turned into more, and before I knew it, spiritually and collecting minerals became my biggest hobby even though I sadly suppressed it. In 2020, my guides pushed me back into my spiritual journey to prepare me for my accident in May 2021. This journey grew and quickly became my passion, my healing, and my business.

We offer in person shopping during popup events.Permenant spot at the Rose Bowl Flea #523.

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    All sales are final, no returns or exchanges. If you have any issues, please email: K.o.healing333@gmail.com

    Price is per item unless otherwise described as bundle.

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  • Energy

    Anyone can sell crystals, but finding the right energy to match your journey is important.  At KO Healing, I guarantee you will feel like you’re at a vortex energy portal every time, making your journey fun and exciting. Everything at KO Healing is ethically sourced directly from miners and manufacturers or crafty crafters.

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